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Of Black Roses, White Masks and Red Strings - Chapter 1

Title: Of Black Roses, White Masks and Red Strings
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, others
Genre: romance, mystery?
Rating: Varies by chapter
Summary: A prince that's lost his bethrothed, a teenager who took up her soul. 2 roads that separated met once more, but do they necessarily intertwine?

Sungmin laid awake staring at the ceiling for a moment before getting up to go wash his face. He got off his bed and went to the bathroom, chancing a glance at the mirror and making a face; he's never been too fond of his bed-head. He splashed his face with water and smoothed out his messy hair to look a bit presentable. 

Sungmin was physically awake, but he was mentally exhausted. Maybe it was the dream, but he shrugged it off.

A dream is just a dream, right? So no need to get all worried about it.

A quick glance at the clock on top of the mirror showed him that it was only 5:30, meaning that he has a little under an hour to eat breakfast and get ready. After looking himself over once more, he went out of the bathroom to go eat breakfast.

"Good morning, Sungmin," Grandma greeted the boy when he entered the dining area.

"Morning, Grandma," Sungmin hoarsely replied before clearing his throat. "What's for breakfast?"

"I'm making us some french toast," the elder said, turning her attention back to the stove. "There's some juice in the fridge if you want some."

Sungmin made a beeline towards the fridge to take out said juice before pouring it to a glass. He quietly sipped on his drink as he sat down on one of the chairs around the dining table, watching Grandma cook. Not long after, she finished and served both of their breakfasts. They both ate in comfortable silence, Grandma asking Sungmin questions here and there. 

As far as he could remember, the boy had always liked living like that; a simple quiet life. Sungmin loved everything about it; waking up in the morning to a soft singing in the kitchen, coming home after school, and all the times and things that happens in between. He's never met his parents, not even once. Not that he wanted to anyways; the things that he'd have to do to try to find them would just give him a huge headache in the end of the day. He liked his life as is.

After about 20 minutes together, Sungmin did the dishes and went up to his room to go get changed for school. He checked his things once more, and at 6:20, he left the house. Not forgetting to kiss Grandma on the cheek, of course.

The walk to the bus stop didn't take that long, and by 6:35 his bus had picked him up. The trip to his school took approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and Sungmin decided that he needed some shut-eye.

Sungmin was the vice president of the student council, and he was in charge of unlocking and locking the door to the student council room. He was entrusted the key because he is the one that arrives earlier and leaves later than everyone else. The president kept a spare in case Sungmin comes late or leaves early. After the small task, he made his way to the first class, greeting the teacher upon entrance. He got to his seat and checked his watch; it was still 7. He has 20 minutes to kill before the first bell rang. No one was there in the classroom - the teacher left to run some errands - so Sungmin took the chance to rest again. For some reason, he was mentally, and a bit physically, tired that morning.

The first bell signals the students that they have 10 minutes to get to their first class. The hallways came to life; 10th graders rushing to their classes like their life depended on it, 11th graders joked about the younger ones but still walked with a purpose, and the 12th graders who walked around like they owned every single brick that made up the school. School officially starts after the second bell at 7:30.

In class, Sungmin is that kid that doesn't really talk and no one really talks to. He's that one kid that people don't interact with but want as lab or project partner. People labelled him as the teacher's pet, but honestly, who wouldn't? He's smart, he's nice, he does things the way they're supposed to be done. Teasing in inevitable, and ignoring is his only option. Sometimes someone will take it a bit too far, but it's very few and very far in between. Sungmin, being somewhat of a passifist, doesn't like to use violence unless needed, so he tries to avoid as much conflict as often as possible.

That day, Sungmin had 2 hours of martial arts practice after school. Students poured out of the building at 3:30, some staying behind an extra hour for tutorials, make-up tests, and practices. 

Martial arts has been Sungmin's haven. At first everyone in the team thought that he was taking it as a joke; Sungmin wasn't exactly the kind of person you'd expect to be a martial artist. He was relatively smaller than most of the male student body - he's the smallest person in the team. But of course, he proved them that body size means nothing. His petite figure is lithe and agile - not to mention very flexible - and he turned out to be the best martial artist in the team. 

Practice ended half an hour earlier that day, and after locking up the student council room, Sungmin walked back home. Within 30 minutes, he's arrived and was greeted by Grandma. After a quick shower, he sprawled himseld in front of the TV to unwind from his day while Grandma busied herself in the kitchen with dinner. Food was served warm for both of them, and as they ate together, they shared about their day, taking turns asking and answering.

After dinner was over, Sungmin did the dishes before joining Grandma as they spent the next hour or two watching TV. When that was done, Sungmin went to his room to start on his homework and study for future tests.

That night Sungmin was extremely exhausted, and he didn't quite know why. He fell asleep while reading his physics textbook. At around 10:30, Grandma went to check on him, only find his figure slumped over the textbook. "Sungmin-ah," she whispered, gently waking him up, "Go to sleep properly." Sungmin woke up and yawned before moving to his bed. Grandma turned off the lights and left her boy to rest.

The moment Sungmin's head hit the pillow, a strange sense of comfort came over him. It felt like someone was watching him and made sure he was safe. It scared Sungmin a bit, but hr shrugged it off and drifted to sleep.


The moment he opened his eyes, he saw nothing but white. Endless white, extending far from behind him until the farthest point his eyes can see. A sense of panic dawned upon him, and he started running, hoping he's meet some sort of end.

After a while, he stopped for he was tired. He didn't know where he was or why he's there, and from the looks of it, he'll never find out. 

He started shouting, yelling out questions he hoped someone would answer. Silence answered every single question he shouted, and he decided to stop.

As he stood alone, a faint sort of humming sound was heard. He chose a direction and started running again, hoping that he would get to the source of the sound. The more he ran, the louder the hummind sound, and soon enough, the hum became more audible. 

It wasn't humming; something, or someone, was chanting something. He kept on running no matter how tired his legs were.

Not long, he saw a figure at a distance, looking away from him. He picked up his pace, going faster if it was even possible. Once he was close enough, he couldn't help but wonder why this figure looked so familiar.  He had a plop of messy brown hair, and a black rose was held in his right hand. "Hey!?"

The figure turned to look at the direction of the voice that called out to him. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Sungmin," he heaved. "Where are we?" He looked up to the figure and he was sure he's seen him somewhere. The air around him screamed of royalty; a familiar sense that he still couldn't quite place.

"Sungmin," the figure repeated in a whisper. Something about the way he whispered out the name made him shiver, scared and anticipating at the same time. That lone word that was uttered was laced with something else... something dark and sensual.

"Who are you? Where are we?" he asked.

The figure merely stared at him, and for a moment, he felt intimidated, until he raised his hand and gave him the black rose. "Take it," he said.

He looked at the rose before taking it, carefully avoiding the thorns. The figure who gave it to him turned and walked away. "Wait! You still haven't told me who you are!"

The figure stopped walking and turned, a smile on his perfect lips. "I'm Kyuhyun."

Sungmin jerked awake from a fitful sleep once more, whispering Kyuhyun's name a couple of times. When he felt a breeze in the room he looked over to the double door that led to the patio. 

It was open, and Sungmin was sure it was locked when he fell asleep.

He got up to close it, but when he got out of bed, his hand nudged something that was placed next to his pillow.

A black rose.

Tags: group: super junior, member: kyuhyun, member: sungmin, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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